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Now that we have a good visual on the Smart Targets, we
can look at how they can help our game. In most instances
one of these targets will be an excellent choice. Sure there
are several exceptions like with any general rule, but for the
most part, these are a great starting point or default target.
You can see these are not about extreme angles or hitting
short on purpose. They are more about not hitting so long.
The shorter area of the target is there for when you do want
to increase the angle, and are something to hit past when going
for the deeper area of the the target on most normal shots.

By keeping the ball out of the center, you tend to limit your
opponents options. Sampras was known to speak of how the
one who controls the center of the court will control the points.
Using these targets, we can keep the opponent from controlling
the center.

These targets have a good safety margin built in, so it frees up
your swing. Because you are not targeting extreme depth, you
can really let your natural power flow. I'm not suggesting to over
swing, but more to let your shots go and not have to hold back.
I think modern TS strokes work best in this regard, but this will
help with traditional as well.

One note on this is -the idea on these triangles is to give a target
for the shots, and NOT so much to hit the target. That
may seem a little odd, but using them it begins to make more
sense. They serve as a great reference, but slightly flying the deep
cone a little is not a bad thing when you decide to rip into one hard.
There is a margin built in to accommodate that.
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