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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Does this mean Milos won't come to san jose to defend his crown ?
Raonic, the world No. 29 from Thornhill, Ont., experienced some pain in his knee during and after Saturday's doubles match. Raonic said he experienced soreness all week while practising, but was prepared to deal with the discomfort. He said it was his decision to play doubles, rather than wait until Sunday's singles match, because the team indicated it needed him.

However, the knee got worse just before the first-set tiebreaker Saturday, and he decided not to play singles Sunday because he did not know the extent of the injury.

"It started affecting the main parts of my game, my serve and my first step," said Raonic, adding he would have been "useless" in the decisive singles match if it started hurting after one set.

After being sidelined much of 2011 with a hip injury that required surgery, he did not want to risk a similar ordeal again.

"I went through that last year," said Raonic. "I don't need that again, and we felt that, considering the condition I was in, (Dancevic) was a much better player -- as he showed today. He really played well. No matter who you put out there today, the way (Tsonga) is playing, he's tough to beat."

Raonic's injury raised questions about whether he will play in next week's ATP Tour event in San Jose. He plans to go there and get evaluated further before deciding.

"I really have no understanding of what I'm really dealing with," said Raonic. "I still need a lot more information. "That's going to be a big part of the decision."

I wouldn't play San Jose under these circumstances, with pain for a whole week already. Think larger picture, Milos.
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