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Originally Posted by hduong View Post
I got this as a slightly more powerful alternative to my Dunlop 4D 300. After a few hours, I agree, it's a great tweener racket for 3.5+ players. I especially like it for the serve and two handed backhand. Good pace and depth. Was also able to swing freely without hitting long all the time. Moderate power and heavy enough to be able to return harder hit serves and ground strokes from 3.5 4.0 players. Timing was a bit off on the forehand as the swing speed felt a big sluggish. Maybe due to the thickness of the frame. It's also easy on the arms and shoulders. Mine was strung with full gut at 58lbs which helps. It's a keeper for me.
I don't find it sluggish at all...rather whippy through the air due to the o-ports.
Really liking this frame a lot.
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