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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
Looks like you missed the definitions in the OP!
That is incorrect for the purposes of this discussion.

I can add that no instructor would consider barely hitting past the svc line a deep shot,
but would instead be considered acceptable by some standards, but clearly not deep.
Often the balls we see attacked for winners are well beyond the svc line though,
so you give further evidence that deep alone (by your definition) is not protection from getting attacked.
Your comment is also a good example of the confusions about depth and it's significance.
Deep is even often considered the correct call for an "out" ball that is long, so yes, DJ does hit some deep as well by that standard. This is why I started with some definitions to start the discussion.
I don't know. Mary Jo Fernandez said once that her coach uses to do a 1000 ball drill when if you did not hit one deep, you would have to start all over again - and deep meant at least beyond the service line.
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