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Originally Posted by BU-Tennis View Post
^^^^Yeah the first picture I drew the triangles were a little larger which incorporated more shots. But the point isn't that shots necessarily land in the area, but that djokovic was probably aiming for a point within those triangles and missed by a few feet, which of course is usual when trying to hit with so much power.

I think people watch pros, see them hit a shot DTL which lands right on the line, and think they were aiming for that exact result, when in fact they were probably aiming a foot or so inside the line. If you watch pros at exhibition events and they try to hit targets you'll often see them missing by 2-4 feet on easily fed balls, so you can imagine the error margin when they're trying to run a tough shot down and then pass their opponent charging the net.
Again, Excellent points.
As you discuss, these targets are not about seeing how many hits from any one shot spot diagram that we can have in the target as much as being a smart reference. Also as you point out, many of the hits outside the targets could be seen as close misses. It is also important to note that the ones missing to the inside are not as well placed for the most part! Sure there are exceptions why they are not in the targets, but generally the central ones would be better if closer to the targets we have.
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