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Originally Posted by rosewall4ever View Post
i've always thought of targets during a rally as a form of attack and counter attack


counter. a counter to counter scenario would follow the directionals. Hitting to either middle triangles would allow the op to take control of the centre and thus the rally.

It helps me to figure out where to hit during play. I also found this to be subconscious strategy amongst the pros in the matches i've watched.
Thanks for posting this and I'm familiar with this perspective, but see some flaws that need to be addressed. I think my Smart Targets address them.

1st is they are very broad and lack more specific guidance that helps shots to be more accurate.
2ond is the obvious lack of margin for error since the target is includes the lines and corners.
3rd is their use may be just backwards. Notice how the counter attack includes area near the center T. We have not posted it yet, but the next diagram I intend to get posted will show an "avoid zone" near the center T for singles play.
Also on the attack aspect it includes the middle area that is deep to BL. That would be better on the counter attack chart and why hit there when on the attack? (yes there are some reasons, but they would be exceptions to the rule, not in the rule)
Hitting a ball (even deep) gives the opponent a chance to reclaim center control and put you on the move to a weakness.
Make sense?
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