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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
I don't know. Mary Jo Fernandez said once that her coach uses to do a 1000 ball drill when if you did not hit one deep, you would have to start all over again - and deep meant at least beyond the service line.
And you don't see how for that drill passing the svc line was just the min acceptable
in that drill? Not the ideal for her.
I expect if you were doing the drill with her on court it would be more clear for
you about that. Also that is just a drill. Sometimes they drill using only half the court including the doubles ally. That does not mean they want you to use the doubles all in singles play though.

BTW, the point of that drill is to have players learn to target within the boundaries consistently, NOT to hit at the boundaries -Svc line are. On court they make it very clear you are to greatly exceed that min acceptable svc line, often with comments like missing long is far more acceptable than being short of the svc line.

I ask you-In a match, had you rather hit a solid shot 1" into the svc box or monster shot 1" pasts the BL?
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