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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
I think it is interesting how few of those balls actually hit a line.
Exactly beer,
I wish it showed the misses as well.
Things like that are what jumped out at me in my study and charting.
Commentators and coaches often give such compliments for line shots and
those that catch both lines as the "Perfect Placement" and such.
Can really lead you to believe that they are good targets and pros hit there

Tricky part here is that a lot of folks say a lot of things. It all goes into the
brain and leads to certain ideas about the game. No coach or commentator
has it all right or wrong, so we are being critical of certain ideas, not coaches.
Coaches do their best, and here we are looking at some tools that might help
us do better. My experience is broad having raised two D1 college players and coached about 20 yrs. We delt with the top Jr academies and several local ones. My kids were also picked for USTA high performance as top players, so we have seen a lot of what's out there. I just look to address some of these things that IMO could use improvement. Clearly the old stuff is not cutting it anymore for US players.
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