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pros of hitting your shots deep:

-gives less time for your opponent to react

-doesnt allow your opponent to step in to the court
-makes your opponent return short/without pace balls so you can easily step in and hit an approach

-as your opponent is far behind the court you can easily have the court open to hit an angle or a drop shot which will turn into a winner

-doesnt allow oponent to attack or dictate

-cons of hittinh your shots deep: NONE

seriously guys its better to hit soft but deep balls than hard but short balls thats the key to win, the deeper you hit the shorter your opponent will hit then you step inner to the court and do whatever you want

if you want an example watch federer play in those years where he played with absolute dominance, watch those guys running from side to side screaming those short return they hit while federer easily doesnt have to move to win the point

and if you dont want to spend hours looking for a federer video then just watch the 2011 us open semi against djokovic, i assure you the 90% of the time that any of them hit a short ball the other ended up winning the point with a winner

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