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Originally Posted by TenFanLA View Post
Of course it's only 1 session and I am trying not to get too excited about LTec yet. But if LTec plays the same or close to how it played tonight for at least 6 hours, then it's a no brainer for me. I've always wanted to play with ALU but it kills my arm after 1-2 hours. If I can get the same or similar playability from LTec for 6 hours without the arm pain, I'm switching to this string.

The only ? I have is...if LTec plays well until it breaks (let's say 20 hours), will the 2nd racket be ok going 2-4 weeks without being played or will it die? I hope not because if it plays like how Arches3 said, LTec could easily last me 20 hours.

$20 for 6 hours of play is still not exactly good price/performance IMO. I am currently getting 6-8 quality hours from 'no name' polys, and they are less than $3.50/set by the reel.
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