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Originally Posted by timmeh View Post
Where I live, it costs $40 for synthetic string and labour, and $65 for poly string and labour.

Now you can see that even if I am suited to poly, it is just not feasible to replace my string every 10 hours. That is $6.50 per hour just for strings.

So my question is, how can I play with poly in the most cost effective way? Which polys last the longest? If I blend a poly with a synthetic gut will it last longer?

Here are the prices for restringing if you care to look at the options:
Buy a stringing machine. Seriously. It costs me less than $5/stringing. I'd probably quit the game if I had to pay the prices in that link. I break typical syn gut every month or so and multis don't last long at all. I'd be divorced if I paid $30 every time I had to restring a racket.
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