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Originally Posted by vernonbc View Post
Anyone who just had tickets for today didn't get to see Milos. They didn't get to see the 'big' matchup, although I think the match they did get to see was probably a lot more entertaining than Raonic/Tsonga would have been. They certainly got to see La Monf in full clown mode too so all was not lost.

Nadal never said he was going to play and no one should have expected him to. In fact, any reasonable person knew that his participation was highly unlikely since it was only a week after the toughest part of his season. It wasn't his fault that the media hyped up that he might come. He had just played 49 matches in four months and gotten to the finals of 8 out of the 9 tournaments he entered. I think the guy deserved a break.
Nadal committed to DC and the tickets went on sale months in advance as normal. He got his panties in a knot and stuck it to the ITF *****ing about the schedule - the media didn't hype anything, in fact it was pretty much ignored by the press in Texas until he pulled out just weeks before the tie. It's was his mug all over the banners and press kits issued by the ITF......
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