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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post
Great discussion, in this and other threads, which I have been silently following - thanks all.

I played a friendly set with a 4.5 USTA player and tried playing to smart targets. I lost 6-4. But this exposed some major weaknesses in my game that my opponent took advantage of, and pointed out areas where I need to do some work.

Anyway, I am quite excited since I have some new goals now... it's great to have something new to work on.
I know you are a pretty good player, but 6-4 to a solid 4.5 is not a bad score for you in that set is it?

Glad it exposed some areas for you to work on and that is definitely part of the plan here. Also remember that the margin of error on these targets is to help you to let loose the power and spin, so don't get carried away with hitting the targets. Tagging a ball well and flying the long cone target by inches is not a bad thing!
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