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Originally Posted by alidisperanza View Post
Holy cow. That's an expensive string job. With the strings available I would go with Sonic pro strung at lower tension. Your stringbed will feel pretty comfortable and should last you a long time.

I'm assuming you're talking about VS Touch 15L? It's tough to replicate that particular feeling, the string is some of the best stuff on the market. My suggestion would be to try a cheaper gut and see how you like it. While the playing characteristics won't be as plush as VS, you'll still have that gut feeling. (check out Klip or Pacific) Another alternative would be to try out multifilaments-- I'm not a fan of them in general but NRG2 is tolerable
tried NRG2 once and did not like it, but I know several who love it in a full stringbed. Is there a syngut that has a "textured" surface to it so it bites into the ball better? I'd like something that comes in a reel for less than $75 U.S.
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