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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Wanted to attend Saturday but was wary after getting 5 inches of snow and read Michigan received more.
Didn't get five inches here, but it was bad on Saturday, with a coat of ice underneath the snow. Had a 60 car pileup on North Bound I75 a mile before the US 10 exit that leads to Midland. Anyone stuck in that was standing on the interstate for three hours.

Originally Posted by gavna View Post
You have my sympathy.......unless you work for Dow or Dow Corning why would you live in such a place.....
Don't work for Dow, though I would love to. I love Midland though, especially after 15 years of living in Spring Hill, just north of Tampa. And the tennis club here is phenomenal.

Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Very very nice but Midland is really just a huge plant location for Dow and DowC.....I mean the highlight of downtown is the Ashman Court Hotel (now just the Ashman Marriott I believe).
The Ashman Court is now the H Hotel and has no Marriott affiliation. It's said to be one of the nicest the state has to offer that isn't on an island or in Detroit.

Midland actually has a lot to offer, especially for a sports fan. The tennis club and soccer complex are both outstanding (16 indoor courts, 20 outside hard courts, 4 outside clay courts), lots of baseball and softball including the Great Lakes Loons (A affiliate of the Dodgers) and more. Sure, it can be quite boring to those who want or need a night life, but that's not me, I work at night.

And yeah, the weather certainly beats the 11 months of 85+ temps and 95+% humidity Florida has to offer. I have seasons now, lol.
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