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Originally Posted by timmeh View Post
Where I live, it costs $40 for synthetic string and labour, and $65 for poly string and labour.

Now you can see that even if I am suited to poly, it is just not feasible to replace my string every 10 hours. That is $6.50 per hour just for strings.

So my question is, how can I play with poly in the most cost effective way? Which polys last the longest? If I blend a poly with a synthetic gut will it last longer?

Here are the prices for restringing if you care to look at the options:
I feel your pain.

How much do they charge just for labor? Perhaps getting the string on your own and bringing it to them would work. Otherwise, maybe try other home stringers? I know there definitely should be a few around, as I have been sending many strings to Brisbane and Queensland lately during the Australian summer.

The best option though, as others have stated, would be to get your own stringer. That literally gives you limitless options to try and see what works best, and saves a ton of money.
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