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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Although gut is unique in it's feel, at the 3.5 level, I think a thick 1.35 or 1.40mm(15g) multi could work just as good for you.

Any reason why you're using poly crosses?
Yes - for one it's cheaper (Lux savage is 13 dollars U.S. a set versus 32 for the gut - I just use babolat tonic 15G), and the Lux Savage is hex shaped and I noticed a big increase in my ability to generate spin with that in the crosses. I love the feel. Also, when I first used full gut, it was too hard to control. Putting the Savage in the crosses (I also use Gamma Zo Tour Rough in the crosses) gave me the feel of gut and added some control. If fact, as soon as I did this, my "dwell time" - my ability to keep the recquet on the ball - increased dramatically as did my ability to control spin and direction.

So, right now, it costs me $45 for two string jobs (I string myself so just pay for the string) But, if I could find something that ends up costing $10 or less per string job I would be happier.

Stringing with a Stringway ML120 by the way and I love it. It's fun and now my 11 year old daughter is starting to string her own racquets.
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