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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Has anyone used this racket? How does it compare with Babolat Aeroprodrive GT in terms of feel, spin production or other areas?
Well being a donnayaholic I couldn't resist a thread about this.

I Hated it !!

Firstbof all this is notba new Donnay racquet.

It's actually the donnay x-p dual 27. It now has a a new paint job and a new name "formula". You can do a search on donnay x-p dual 27 for some reviews.

I'm guessing that the racquet did not sell well so they decided to repackage it?
Pretty dishonest in my opinion.

I'm a former APD cortex plus user. The APD is far superior. The "formula" is powerful .....way to powerful in my opinion . It's also bulky and does not cut through the air like APD.

The Pro one on the other hand is much more like the APD, in fact I think the Pro one is superior to the APD in every department.
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