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Originally Posted by Dover View Post
If I replaced the original Babolat Syntec grip with a Babolat leather grip onto a Aero Storm GT, given there are no other changes to the existing racquet. What effects would I likely see?

Starting Specs...
strung weight - 11.4 oz
balance - 3 pts HL
swingweight - 334
You will likely add 2-8 grams to the handle. This will shift the balance to be a touch more head light. Maybe enough to go from 3 to 4 points HL but not more than that. You may feel that the racquet is slightly heavier and more maneuverable but the change should not feel radically different than what you are used to.

What will be much more noticeable will be the slickness of the leather grip in comparison to the Syntec grip. I have a few Bab sticks with the Syntec grip and several others with leather grips and I like the feel of the bevels with the leather grips but prefer the tackiness and comfort of a Syntec type grip. All my sticks are overgripped, but I would be fine playing the Syntec gripped racquets without one if need be. I just wouldn't want to play my leather gripped sticks without an overgrip. Too slick for me.
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