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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
these two frames couldn't be more further apart. They play nothing like the other.

I agree it's a better APD....but not all that different.

Donnay  weight 11.5  APD 11.3

Length 27 for both

Balance : donnay 4 pts head light  APD  5 pts head light

Pattern 16 x 19 for both

Beam and stiffness are different but that's the whole Donnay strategy.  The dual core allows them to make the same racquet as the APD just thinner and more maneuverable. So although the beam is thinner and the stiffness is less on the Donnay it plays the similar because of the dual core foam filling.

Head size is 97 on the Donnay pro one and 100 on the APD . But again the APD is hollow so the Donnay can achieve the same power and sweetspot in a slightly smaller frame.

In any event this should all be in another thread.

This thread is about the formula.....which I think is a horrible racquet
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