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Originally Posted by mrtrinh View Post
Good analogy. I just switched to the pro one and i cant believe how pwerful it is. Its controllable power though. I would put it in the same power level as the pure drive.
Thanks but I can't take the's Donnays analogy.

The unique properties of XeneCore create a solid frame achieving the highest strength to weight ratio in the industry resulting in X-treme power, X-treme control, and X-treme feel. At 1.5 gigapascals, the XeneCore racquets possess 50% more tensile strength than current graphite racquets, allowing for the thinnest beam width on the market at 15mm. The X-treme torsional rigidity and stability advance the playing characteristics above and beyond what’s available with current graphite composite racquets providing the established player a lighter racquet for control and feel, possessing the power of a heavier model, while reducing shock and vibration. Roman Prokes

All have Donnay’s patent-pending and high-tensile-strength XēneCore™ material that was introduced in the original Donnay X-Series. But the Dual-Core racquets have second layer of XēneCore™ tubing on the inside of the hoop that further fortifies the frame and eliminates the loss of energy on ball contact. 

Since more energy is retained on the strings it provides an additional boost of power, comfort, control and stability, while maintaining X-Series’ ease-of-swing, the result of thin-beam engineering and design. Donnay

Therefore following that line of logic, if the Donnays truly play like a thicker racquet in a thinner body then the formula 27 plays like a much thicker racquet. Furthermore it stands to reason then that the thinner Pro one plays more like the fast cutting "aero" . Make sense?
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