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Originally Posted by VOLLEY KING View Post
Well we can disagree.....we are all entitled to what we "feel". It's a very personal thing. It's like saying "that girl is pretty".

I don't agree with the analysis of the specs however.

The formula may be a 27 beam but it is not a hollow frame. Therefore even though it's the same beam as a an APD there is more mass . So it plays heavier and bulkier in my opinion.

And let's not forget that the APD has a unique beam. It's thinner in some spots and thicker in others while the formula is 27 throughout . The APD cuts through the air much quicker than the bulky Formula. In fact the "APD" is called "Aero" because it is designed to cut through the air.

The pro one on the other hand is a bit thinner and can cut through the air at least equally as quick as the "Aero".

The "Aero" is designed to be a thicker power ful racquet but cut through the air as qucick as a thin beamed racquet. The Donnay Premise is to make thinner racquets that are not hollow so they can play as powerful as a thicker racquet but still cut through the air as fast as a thin racquet.

Basically both the Pro one & the APD arrive at the same point but they are coming from different directions . Donnay wants to make a thin racquet play like a thick one while The Aero tries to make a thick racquet play like a thin one. So in the end they end up playing similar.

However I do agree that they play differently....but saying they couldn't be more different is a bit of a stretch in my opinion.

"However I do agree that they play differently"

So, how do they play differently?

Besides, some people say the Pro One is more designed for flat hitting. What do you think?
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