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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Is the Pro One more control oriented than the Aeropro? More arm friendly?
I definitely think so.

It provides the same power and sweet spot but in a thinner frame and a smaller frame.

I changed from the APD and I found the change to be seamless.

I could hit with it better than my APD right out of the box.

In fact that is the way you should choose all Donnays. You should find a Donnay that is as close to the specs of your current racquet but in a thinner version.

The Donnays are thinner but are as powerful as a thicker racquet. The Pro one is very close in specs to the APD the only differences are that it's thinner and more maneuvarable. This results in far more control with no loss of power.

The formula is on the other hand a 27 inch racquet but plays mor like a 32 inch racquet. It may have a closer beam to the APD but it's way more powerful and less manuevarble than the APD.

The formula in my opinion is a grandpa racquet.

With Donnay you can't match the specs exactly of your current sticks because the Donnays are not hollow. This makes a huge difference. Always pick a thinner version of your current frame. You will find the result to be simply a better more controllable version of your current frame.

The pro one to me is just a much better version of an APD.....the formula on the other hand is just way to powerful and bulky. It may be the most powerful
Stick on the market. It's for a 3.0 player and under in my opinion.
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