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Originally Posted by jmnk View Post
one more, so it does not look like we are picking on Djokovic. here are Federer's shots.
Here is another diagram about shot placement that also includes the clean winners in red.
Notice how this also is evidence (not proof) against the assumption that a ball landing closer to the BL would be a better shot. Notice only 2 winners near the BL, but several much shorter. More evidence would be there if 3-4+ misses were shown going long that would off set the risk incurred to elicit those 2 winners, leaving us with a net winner for that error in the neg zone.

maybe BU or jmnk can draw in the smart target triangles on this one as well,
along with the 7ft square avoid zone centered on the center T?
I think we can see how most of the shots not landing in the targets, likely have
been hit on the shot lines created bythe triangles, some shots just longer and
some just short of the targets.
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