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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
I live in Puerto Rico.  The thing is that I can buy from Tennis Warehouse, but cant demo rackets from TW. I hope this changes sometime. 

Ive used the APD for about 3-4 years now, first the Cortex now the GT. I like it but always looking at other choices.
APD is an awesome stick. I can't really it's better or worse than the pro one.

I happen to like the pro one better for my game..... But Hit more of a laser topspin.

Here's my comparison of Donnay vs APD


Pro one wins. More accurate and no loss of power


It's so close I would have to give it a tie. Blocking serves are better with the pro one but APD is better for put aways  especially on a second serve.

Slices and flat ball groundstrokes

Pro one wins far and away


I have to think APD is better here. I'm not a big topspinner hitter as I hit a mix of topspin and flat ......but after watching Nadal I have to give the edge to the APD. But I'm really not qualified to give an opinion on the topspin stroke.


Pro one wins hands down. It's not even close


Equal power but pro one has more control. Pro one wins

Formula vs apd

APD wins. The formula is a canon and the ball just flies to the moon


APD wins. The formula is bulky and is not maneuverable

[/b]Slices and flat balls[/b]

Apd wins. The formula is to bulky to hit an effective slice.  It just doesn't slice through the air at all.


I'm not a big topspinner but the formula should not even be mentioned in the sane sentence as the APD when it comes to topspin.


Apd wins again . The formula is just nit maneuverable


The formula is more powerful....but it's not nearly as controllable as the APD. So the APD wins again.
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