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Originally Posted by maverick66 View Post
so one guy makes up for the lack of the rest of the roster?

Orton is stale, Miz sucks, Del Rio is a mexican JBL, Ziggler can wrestle but doesnt get the heel heat like the old days, I liked aggresive Kofi last night in the debate they should do that more often, Killings is doing his best work but is getting older, and CM Punk just lacks that edge right now.

They are lacking on big names compared to the last generation and you know it. Compare todays group to Austin, Rock, DX, Taker, Sting, Hogan, Nash, and a few others. The business is in a dip right now and not sure if its creative or the superstars that are the issue.
It comes in ebbs and flows. When as many big name guys leave the company so quickly you're going to have a down time. In the past few years HBK, Edge, JBL, Batista, Taker (semi-retired now), have all left the company, not to mention guys like Rey and Christian who are injured currently. If you want to go further back you can look at the deaths of Eddie and he who shall not be named, which left a hole in the roster, and guys like RVD and Angle who also left the company. Not to mention Lesnar who was supposed to be the face of this generation leaving before he even hit his prime. They're in a reloading stage, similar to the mid-90s when guys were leaving for WCW left and right.
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