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Originally Posted by BobFL View Post
Yep, even M Jordan commented how well Pete was conditioned. In pure athleticism Pete >>> Nadal. Pete was natural and had very 'thick' muscles whereas Nadal is more watery and soft. His moved like a fluid and stayed very low to the ground. Nadal covers the court beautifully but looks very erratic and choppy. Federer is in different league altogether. Nole is Gumby
like i said, sampras was a natural athlete. it's easy to imagine him doing track and field - hurdling or sprinting, in particular. nadal might be a decathlete.

nole and federer are great athletes too, but it's not as easy to imagine them doing track and field. maybe the 400, 400 hurdles or 800 running events. or maybe nole could be a high jumper, as that discipline seems to require a lean, lithe build with a lot of flexibility and springiness.

with roger, it's easier to imagine him as something else - a figure skater perhaps. it's not hard to picture him nailing quad and triple jumps effortlessly. people keep saying how graceful and elegant he is. those are the qualities of a great figure skater, right?
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