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Originally Posted by Dgdavid View Post
Hi richsox. Have to hit against heavy hitters? The better players I play with hit bombs on ground strokes and my Prestige MP lets me defend really solidly and well. The solidity is what I need to retain. Do you think the standard PDR would give that?
Hi DgDavid,

You do have a valid point. I am now tinkering, on "leading up" the PD standard in the throat, to see if that give's me a little more "plow through", as I might get pushed around a bit, by decent players.

That being said, I have found the Std PD to be much more solid than previous versions, i.e. PD GT, and first Cortex version(I started on the Team PD in early 2000's and to me that still takes the biscuit!), but my main issue is not solidness right now, it's the low SW, which I thinks lessens my power on serving my 1st flat serve.

I am weighing up pro's and con's of this lower SW of the PD. It does lend itself to producing great top spin, good for 2nd serve kickers, very comfortable playing wise, but I am think I have lost a few MPH's.

I once demo'ed the Prsetige Pro...what can I say it's a great stick, much better stick than I am as a player (I've got a generous 7.2 LTA rating from my Pro)
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