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Originally Posted by Humble_Warrior View Post
This would suggest that those that live in MD could only play in the county where they lived, i.e. Montgomery or Anne Arundel, but the VA district is simply NOVA. The USTA already destroyed the Men's league in PG County with their indistriminate moving up of players. The players simply got fed up and went to other areas to play or don't play USTA at all.
I wasn't suggesting that they could only play in their county, just that hypothetically, if DC was worried that non-residents were pushing out residents from DC leagues, they could try to limit the number of non-residents,not totally ban them.... but I doubt anything like that would happen.

Also, curious about what happened in PG, if players were bumped up to a level where they are not competitive, I don't see how playing USTA in another area helps. A 3.5 in PG still have to play 3.5 in DC or VA.
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