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Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
I don't believe you will add that much weight. The Syntec grip is pretty close to a leather grip in weight. Perhaps if you replace the grip and add an overgrip you will see this much weight added but in my expereince just replacing the grip won't add quite as much weight as you are quoting here.
I'm just going by what other people have said, using a swingweight calculator and doing some math.

The Babolat leather grip is supposedly 25 grams - per the package.
The Babolat syntec grip is supposedly 17 grams - per the package.
That would be a difference of 8 grams or .282 ounces. So my 11.4 oz becomes around 11.7. Using the tennis-warehouse swingweight calculator I estimated a swingweight around 315 and the balance point of somewhere in the 6-7 pts HL range given where the 8 grams would be located on the racquet.
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