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Originally Posted by stormholloway View Post
I remember hearing that Roger was an outstanding soccer player as a kid. He had to pick one sport or the other but from what it seems, he would have been a solid pro in soccer.
i heard about that story too. a lot of the european players play soccer. but, yes, if roger had gone to team sports, soccer would be the one where he would most likely excel. on the other hand, if sampras had gone to team sports, maybe he could be a basketball player.

when we talk of athletic ability, we think of sports that really measure it - and these are sports that we see in the olympics. there's a reason why track and field is also called athletics. because these disciplines require pure athletic ability. whether we talk about power (throwing events), explosiveness (sprints, hurdles, jumping events), speed (sprints) or stamina (distance running and hurdling) - these are characteristics that we see in track and field.

for these reasons, i thought of the different track and field disciplines to compare the athletic abilities of sampras and today's top players. but with roger, he had something else - grace and elegance. plus the fact that he is often described as a metrosexual, so that's the reason why i thought of figure skating instead of athletics.
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