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Originally Posted by USERNAME View Post
Your not talking about using legit minimalist runners for tennis right? You will break your ankles.
Originally Posted by jtrain_36 View Post
Using a shoe like VFF's or any other minimal shoes will destroy the ligaments in your ankles. They are designed to move in one direction, not suitable for tennis IMO.
No you will not break your ankles. And what will destroy the ligaments in your ankles is you tripping over in regular, high of the ground-tennis shoes.
To be blunt: tennisshoes do not support your ankles unless you play in ski boots.
And to the OP: I guess you might have to look at the Vivo Barefoot in womens sizes, hope you can find something agreable. Also there are other Vibrams than the models you have mentioned.
Wilson PS Classic, Gosen OG Micro 16, 26 kg.

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