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See.The problem many of you have with Connors is that, being one of the most popular and, certainly, most spectacular players ever, he just had 2-3 years where he was really dominant ( 1974,1976,1982/83), but, except for 1974, he didnīt really outgunned his main competition.

In 1978, He won the US Open ( many will say Borg was having serious problems with his hand prior to the final) but got roundly beaten by Borg in any other match they played.He was probably one of the best nš 2 ever, maybe the best nš 2 ever, but didnīt dominate like the best Borg or the best Mc Enroe ( who had far more variety than him)
Oh sure. I liked Connors and McEnroe, but Borg was amazing. I always give him his due. I make him number no.1 for 1977 over Vilas and no.1 for 78 over Connors. Jimbo got beat in a lot of Slam finals, didn't win big titles year after year like Borg. Mac had more weapons than Jimmy.
Connors was better overall than Borg in 76 though, I believe. Won more titles, better win-loss record and had the 3-0 lead in head to head meetings. What a career Connors had though. The older you get, the more you realize it.
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