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Originally Posted by jtrain_36 View Post
Using a shoe like VFF's or any other minimal shoes will destroy the ligaments in your ankles. They are designed to move in one direction, not suitable for tennis IMO.
Povl C already answered this well. The weakness of some V5Fs is that they don't attach tightly enough to the foot and might roll around the foot on hard lateral stops. This isn't the case for those that strap down tightly.

Lifting your foot off the court by wearing highly cushioned shoes increases the torque on your ankles when stopping and increases the risk of turning the ankle. In low shoes it is very, very difficult to turn the ankle when playing tennis.

I just turned my ankle bad running in a grass field because I didn't see a hole (the grass had grown up) and worse yet there was a pipe sticking up in the hole. I'm on crutches now and hope to recover in a few weeks. I was wearing shoes and it probably helped keep my foot from getting cut.

Tennis courts are actually extremely easy surfaces on which to avoid turning an ankle. If you are strong, it should only happen when pushing your limits.
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