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Originally Posted by Xavier G View Post
Oh sure. I liked Connors and McEnroe, but Borg was amazing. I always give him his due. I make him number no.1 for 1977 over Vilas and no.1 for 78 over Connors. Jimbo got beat in a lot of Slam finals, didn't win big titles year after year like Borg. Mac had more weapons than Jimmy.
Connors was better overall than Borg in 76 though, I believe. Won more titles, better win-loss record and had the 3-0 lead in head to head meetings. What a career Connors had though. The older you get, the more you realize it.
Connors had a very strong '78, even tho' Borg was beginning to get the better of him. Bjorn was pretty amazing, though one could argue that Jimmy had a more impressive career over a 20yr span. He faced off against nearly 4 generations of players at one time or another. Still, nothing like watching Bjorn hit that ball...even better yet was watching him and Connors go at it, just amazing stuff. John was a completely different player, amazing and entertaining in his own right.
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