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Thank you all for the opinions and info

I'd love to try a pair of VFF KomodoSports for tennis, but they are all size 40 or above. My experience with women's sizes in the VFF, and other shoes haven't been too good... way too narrow. Most of the other VFF shoes only come in size 40 or higher for men too.

Has anyone tried the onitsuka tiger "mexico 66" by asics? If so, how did they hold up on the courts? I'm hoping to find something that not only very minimalist but also that will hold up fairly well.

The reason I'm really interested in finding something like this for tennis is that I've had knee and ankle problems for many years... going back to when I played in high school. A couple years ago I ditched all the regular shoes and started wearing either my KSOs, going barefoot or wearing other minimalist shoes (no arch, very thin sole, etc) for everything. No more ankle or knee problems.

Now in my early 30s, my knees and ankles feel so much better than when I was in high school... so I hope you understand the reluctance to go back to normal style tennis shoes.

Rolling an ankle for me would be really tough to do in tennis. My knees, ankles and hip joints aren't exactly "normal". The only time I've ever rolled an ankle playing sports is when doing something like stepping on someone else's foot in basketball.
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