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BigT - I'm currently trying to find a string for my playing style and looking for some suggestions. My string of choice was the B5E in the extreme mp and leaning toward the BHB7. I'm not completely satisfied with the overall performance of the B5E, but it is a good string.

- I have a big, fast swing and need spin / control in the extreme mp.
- western forehand / 1handed backhand.
- good flat serve / better kick serve
- mix of serve&volley / baseline

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Originally Posted by BigT View Post
No, that question is not in the wrong section. Just like it is impossible to answer that, so too is the question:

'I use XX racquet. What strings?'
'Best strings for XX racquet'

There are probably 2-3 threads started like that a day, and what's even funnier: you have 10 posters trying to answer.

Just like my height and weight tell you absolutely nothing about my feet and what shoes fit best, so too, a racquet cannot tell anyone which strings are best for the racquet.

Strings need to fit the PLAYER:

Level, style, strokes, etc.

Case in point: 2 guys use an Babolat APD. One plays a huge topspin, aggressive net playing game. Another is a golden retreiver, pushing from side to side. They do not need the same strings.

That is just one example of many.
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