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Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
Changing to tennis-specific shoes from playing in running shoes/skate shoes totally rid me of my ankle pain which lasted for 48 hours after playing tennis.
Well I am not suggesting you play in running shoes or skate shoes.

Originally Posted by USERNAME View Post
Really? Why is it that we dont see more of the legit players wearing the lighter runners? I have yet to see anyone in D1 and D2 tennis teams in runners, let alone pros.
It's the way the sole is made. Tennis specific shoes have wide soles that cover more area while minimalists have thin soles width wise that will cause ankle rolls! Without fail! Tennis shoes protect your ankles a hell of a lot more than just about any purpose built runners.
Again, I am not suggestioning running shoes. People roll their ankles all the time, and with worse effect, in tennis specific shoes. True minimalist shoes are so low to the ground (no padding/shockdampening/midsole) that it minimizes rolling, and the effect of it, should it happen. I have yet to hear of someone rolling their ankle barefoot, or in minimal shoes like Vivo Barefoot. Actually they were developed specifically by a tennisplayer to avoid rolling. Vivo Barefoot are not purpose built runners, this goes for a lot of the Vibrams too.
Personally I have never hurt my ankles barefoot or in minimal shoes. But I did roll and sprain my ankle, leaving me out of sports for 3 months, in a pair of Asics Gel Encourage (otherwise a good tennis shoe I would say).
To JohnMT. I have had all kinds of knee and foot problems also, used prescribed orthodics etc etc. And have the same experience, never felt better, since changing to minimalist shoes/barefoot. And my foot speed is better.
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