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Subsequently to this tread, I was thinking that there were so many competitive years in the 1970īs...I pick 2 years that represent the 2 tnnis generations that dominated te decade and gave tennis such a big boost with their unmatched class.


AO: Rosewall beats Ashe
Masters:Nastase beats Smith
WCT:Rosewall beats Laver
Wimbledon:Newc defeats Smith
USO: Smith beats Kodes
FO: Kodes beats Nasty
Italian: Laver defeats Kodes
Phily:Laver defeats Newcombe

adding Okker,Roche,Gimeno,Lutz,Riessen,Pilic,Franulovic to this list, you have one of the most talented fields ever assembled.


AO:Tanner beats Vilas
W:Borg beats Connors
WCT:Connors defeats Stockton
Masters:Connors knocks out Borg
USO:Vilas defeats Connors
Italian:Gerulaitis knocks out Zugarelli
FO: Vilas over Gottfried

adding up and coming Mc Enroe,Ramirez,Fibak,Alexander,Dent,Panatta,Orantes ,Higueras,Barazutti,LLoyd,Pecci,Amritraj,Solomon,D ibbs...the talent and diversity is astonishing.Worthy of the GOLDEN ERA
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