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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Connors was better than Borg in 76 but Borg had the best year.

Borg was also better than Vilas in 77, but Vilas had a better year.

Letīs give everybody a right treatment
Vilas had an amazing 1977, it's just that 0-3 head to head record against Borg that makes me give the nod to Bjorn. If Vilas wins just one, I probably give him the no1 ranking, but he didn't. Borg had a very good 1977 too.
I remember the annual yearbook covering 1976. They gave Connors no.1 for the year, he won 12 official tourneys, I believe, more than Borg, including a Philadelphia straight sets thumping of Borg in the final, and he also dominated the US clay season that summer, winning Washington, North Conway, Indianapolis, and then the US Open, beating Borg in a 4 set final of course. One slam each for 1976, but 3-0 head to head Connors Philadelphia, Palm Springs and US Open. Different surfaces too.
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