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Yes I agree. I was a Connors and McEnroe fan, always wanted them to beat Bjorn, but I try to be objective. Connors career in many ways is greater than Borg's I think and 1978 was one of Jimmy's best, won about 10 titles I think, it's just that Borg won both Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Yeah, after 1978, Borg had Jimmy's number every time until he quit the tour. But Jimmy got him in those exos in 82 and 83!
Borg really lost something when he left the tour; not so much physically, maybe mentally. Jimmy was sharper in '82 and '83, I think because he was playing regularly against Mac and the like. Still, Bjorn was awfully good. I always found their seniors tour matches did show how much sharper Connors still was vs. Bjorn, because he never really stopped playing ATP level matches until 1993 or so. To be fair, Bjorn really did step up his game after a few one sided losses to Jimmy
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