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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
Sorry, but rankings don't go by head-to-heads, but by results and activity. Vilas blows them all out of the water in 1977 on results and activity. And how can anyone suggest that Connors didn't have the best 1976?
I don't see it either; in '76 Connors was the most dominant with a very critical win over a key opponent on that opponent's best surface.

I also think you can support Connors #1 ranking in '78 as well. He won 10 titles and vs. Borg, he was 1-2 (and he also won an exo). He did not compete at the French (really a shame). After that, Bjorn just got the best of him thru 1981, despite some close ones. If Wiki is correct, Bjorn had 9 titles overall in '78. Very tight, really.

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