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Originally Posted by bluetrain4 View Post
I was going to say that. Running, your feet are moving straight ahead and you generally know when and where your foot will strike. Nothing is really sudden and you don't have to make the sort of direction changes and severe cuts as you do in tennis.4

And, minimalist shoes aren't even fool proof in a running context. Sure, they're the "in" thing, and I've met plenty of runners who swear by them, who have been able to heal injuries, who have really benefited. But, that's only half the story. I've also know runners who said it was the biggest mistake they've ever made and were injured as a result. Depends on the person.
VFF's were not originally designed for running, the same goes for Vivo Barefoot. They handle direction changes very well. But, yes they have benefitted a lot of runners. I am guessing for those with bad results, it is mainly due to overdoing it in the beginning or bad technique. But still, I only want people to do what works for them.
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