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Originally Posted by USERNAME View Post
Invest in custom orthotics and find a lightER tennis shoe like the New Balance model I linked. If you wanna play at a decently high level safely you need the traction and support from a legit tennis shoe. It's not practical to play in minimalist type shoes, it's just unsafe. Anyone who came to the coaches I worked with in something that wasn't at least a mid-trainer or BBall shoes were told next time they come in those they'd be sitting.
Not safe because of the ankle rolling? I really fail to see how someone could roll an ankle while basically barefoot... And besides, the way my feet and ankles are built it's not very likely I'll roll an ankle no matter what shoes I'm wearing out there.

Also on the ankle issue, the VivoBarefoot shoes were started by a guy who suffered many twisted ankles in tennis with regular tennis shoes. So he tried to find a way to minimize that.

If regular tennis shoes work for you that's great... They obviously work for a lot of people. They might not work well for some people though. Just like minimalist shoes work well for me and others, but may not work well for you.

I'm not trying to start an argument over minimalist vs regular tennis shoe here I'm just looking for input from people who have used minimalist type shoes on the tennis court, and which types they found to be the best and most durable.

Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen
And to the OP: I guess you might have to look at the Vivo Barefoot in womens sizes, hope you can find something agreable. Also there are other Vibrams than the models you have mentioned.
It turns out I was wrong about the sizing on the Vivo Barefoot shoes. Size 40 = Size 7 in US in those, so they actually do have some that should fit in Men's sizes. Have you tried a particular style of those with good results that you'd recommend?
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