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Originally Posted by USERNAME View Post
Really? Why is it that we dont see more of the legit players wearing the lighter runners? I have yet to see anyone in D1 and D2 tennis teams in runners, let alone pros.
Again, were not talking lighter running shoes. I have yet to hear of any D1 or D2 players trying out minimalist shoes and dismissing it. And pros are under contract with makers of traditional tennis shoes.
I would love if some of the more serious players here would give it a go and report their experiences. But, do not start out with a 3 hour match, 15 minutes or half an hour would be a good place to start.
Also I would love to see the tennisshoe makers come out with tennis specific minimal shoes, ie shoes with little or preferably no midsole and outsoles specific for tennis traction and wear. And I am pretty shure it will happen in a year or two. However, I fear that companies like Nike would only go half way, like they did with their Free running shoes.
And sorry for highjacking the thread, JohnMT.
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