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Default Minimalist tennis shoes

My partner and I have been investigating minimalist shoes for some time now. My latest try is a pair of Merrill barefoot trail gloves. They have zero drop and a large toe box. They feel like you are barefoot and make me lighter on my feet, springing from the toes and not pounding my feet -- better proprioceptive input.

However... as others have pointed out, tennis is not like static running; there is far more start and stop and lateral movement. As far as I have discovered, minimalist shoes are just not cushioned enough, including my Merrills. I did take a gel insert and cut it to fit my Merrill's which helped, but I'm not sure I will stick with them for hard court play. When I get to clay later this year, I *will* be wearing the Merrills. Another problem is that the soles of minimalist shoes tend to wear very quickly. The Merrills have Vibram soles, but the friction necessary to change directions on hard courts seems to wear them out too quickly.

So, for hard courts, I wear old style Adidas Rod Laver. While heavier and higher off the ground than I'd like, they don't have all the high-tech "support" that I dislike. I am always looking for a lightweight, zero drop, minimalist support tennis shoe.
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