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Originally Posted by BigT View Post
Like you said, more spin and pace generally means get some more racquet head speed. That might solve your problem.
If you need help, maybe trying crossing your poly with your favorite synthetic or multi. That might get you some more power without sacrificing too much spin.
Switching racquets should only be done after you've tried several string options.
Ahhh yes, racquet head speed. I removed the lead recently, and with some adjustments, have been hitting a cleaner ball with a reworked stroke as of late.

I also believe my elbow issues started with a combination of bad technique and low powered strings. Doubt any stick could've prevented it. I think mikeler or tennsifanla also suggested a hybrid setup with B5E and their favorite multis as well.

Sounds like I need to try a few more setups, including BHB7 before ordering another reel.

Thanks for the input !
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