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Cool that you actually play in these but yeah, they arent safe for the type of movement in tennis. Let me know how the clay works out, Id think there would be a huge slippage problem if your moving around decently quick.
We're going to have to disagree on "safe". I look at the potential for ankle rolling this way -- if you were to play tennis in platform shoes (high off the ground), or socks (low to the ground), which is most likely to result in a turned ankle? The higher shoes... the further away from the ground your foot is. And while I think the Merrills could use more padding as tennis shoes, there is a trade off to be made. More padding means more cushioning for the sudden changes of direction needed (good), but more padding also means less feel (proprioceptive input) from your feet (bad). We've found we pound the ground much less in minimalist shoes, and believe this is because we (our neuromusculoskeletal system) can feel the ground better. In more cushioned shoes we tend to slam our feet down harder in order to feel the ground and our weight distribution. Again, a trade off that, we think, has gone waaaay to far in isolating the sensors in your feet from the surface in which they interact.
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