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Originally Posted by athiker View Post
This would be a racquet I would be interested in, but I as a home stringer I have shied away from all Prince frames. How has it been to string? Did you order one of those space filling thingies? I use a Klippermate and while is used have a pin of some sort I believe to act as a brake it no longer does...though I guess I could find something to fit. Just don't feel like adding hassle to what is already a bit time consuming. Thoughts as a fellow home stringer?
I hear ya, but its not that bad to string. It only comes into play on about half of the crosses and the ports actually make some things easier, like threading the strings through and also pulling the cross string slack through.

I didn't order a boomerang yet and have been using my turntable brake, but you just need something to stick in there to space out the string. Some use a sharpie cap, some use socket wrench extensions, some also use an S-hook, which I want to try next. Look for the thread about Prince O Ports in the stringing section. Lots of great tips. I don't think that should keep you from trying this outstanding racquet.

Edit: here's the thread
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