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I have still not rolled my ankle on the dead run for a shot, the times I rolled mine were when I landed wrong after a serve and forehand. At that point it wouldnt matter what your wearing (or not wearing) your ankle is gonna turn.
I have to disagree on this. In an elevated shoe the torque is increased so that you get the turn resulting in a sprain, closer to the ground this will happen more rarely.
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When Ive seen someone roll while running its always been player error, ie they try to make a huge change in direction or speed going way too fast, not the shoes fault. Tennis shoes are built for tennis, to keep the ankle, knees, and back safe.
So it is the players fault? But what if it would not happen in other shoes? Without the torque, without the edge of the shoe gripping into the surface or obstacle?
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Your not supposed to be on your heels? When you split before you hit your supposed to land on the balls of your feet... When your waiting for a serve your supposed to be on the forefoot ready to split. The heel cushioning is there for when you jump back (for say an overhead maybe) or for when you make a wide lunge and slam on the heel. There is a reason for these differences that tennis shoes have. You won't ever see a player playing at the D1 or pro level in a shoe that is built like a minimalist because they move, jump, and run so hard that they would be looking at an injury if they did.
The foot does not need a heel in the shoe. The running shoes market is changing, and so could the tennis shoe market be, albeit a bit delayed. Ofcourse a lot of people who have not tried it will be against it, spurred on by an industry that has been pushing high tech solutions for decades (in this respect the tennis racket industry is also a farce..). Experiments show that running in shockdampening shoes puts more impact on the joints. The same experiences could translate into other sports like tennis, and imo it should not be dismissed just because the majority is sticking to what they know at the present.
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